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Security defined as burglary protection primarily only exists if it not possible to gain access to foreign property within a defined effort of time and equipment. So it is important that you always have the best possible security technology. This means: Recognizable protection to the outside. The Police Crime Prevention knows: "If the intruder does not have success within two to five minutes, he will cancel his action". Tests confirm that GEMINY easily withstands manipulation, bumping, pulling, drilling, gluing, plugging, breaking and even vandalism in this time. Some products, such as the GEMINY DB rosette are even certified to bullet resistance.

The GEMINY technology: Innovative, patented, secure

Conventional profile cylinders suffer from numerous points of attacks, since the cylinder is accessible for any possible manipulation any time. GEMINY products eliminate this vulnerability. At the same time you can be assured that the double pin technology developed and patented by us prevents unauthorized unlocking. GEMINY in the standard design has five pin systems with a total of ten locking levels. It’s a pin-in-pin system. There are about 22 billion possible codes. So the number of combinations is more than three times as how many people live on the world.

GEMINY Bullet resistance

Certainly only a few people think about the bullet resistance of entrance doors, windows and walls. Nevertheless, there are risk groups that need to worry about this kind of threat. In this special segment of safety technology we take care of the invincibility of the few square centimetres, which are utilized by the profile cylinder on the door. It is hidden like all our cylinder guard products behind a hardened steel slide. Only the key with the correct code opens the cover quickly and easily. The shield makes it an impenetrable barrier for bullets.

If you are interested to read the complete test report or in case you need it, because you want to check if our product is designed to also protect your doors, so you are welcome to view or download it here.
View the test report FB5 & FB6 (German)...

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