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Telecom Austria

Telecom Austria

The Telekom Austria Group is the largest telecommunication company in Austria. In addition to modern offerings like broadband, innovative payment solutions and cutting-edge mobile technology, the Telekom Austria Group - just like the German Telekom - can not forego a classic: Their 13,500 phone booths which today can also be used as multimedia stations with wireless internet access and modern flat screen.

A pilot project of initially 50 telephone booths returned the damage down to zero.

The publicly available, mostly outdoors standing terminals are also interesting for criminals: The Telekom Austria has reported more than 1,000 burglaries in 2005. One approach to overcome this problem: GEMINY security technology - from DRUMM. A pilot project of initially 50 telephone booths reduced the burglaries down to zero.

That delights us - just like the Telekom Austria Group, which until today equipped more than 2,500 telephone booths with GEMINY security technology.

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