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Boullet France

Boullet France

GEMINY protects doors of transmission towers and transmitters for mobile communication even against nesting insects.

For more than 120 years the French manufacturer Boullet manufactures security doors and manlocks for the most diverse requirements. Boullet located in Creil, north of Paris found a special market niche in manufacturing fireproof doors that even can withstand blast waves.

They all fight with a problem, only known by few: Nesting insects that live in and jam the doors cylinder locks.

Boullet offers their customers a complete concept - from the planning trough design to installation services, inspection and maintenance. The reference list reads like a Who’s Who of the French economy: Starting with the leading grocer Levlerc over the television channel TF1 up to the casino in Toulouse.

Especially needed are security doors in a segment which is rarely in the spotlight: With transmission towers and transmitters for mobile communication. All of them stand at remote places that are subject to changes in weather and also vandalism. They all fight with a problem, only known by few: Insects that are nesting in the doors cylinder locks. No wonder as most of the masts and towers are in the wild nature. The result: The cylinders are plugged and jammed, the doors cannot be opened for installation or maintenance and the locks need to be replaced costly and time consuming.

The GEMINY escutcheons have effectively solved this problem - and of course the risk of burglary and vandalism. We are therefore delighted to sustainable protect thousands of Boullets doors in the mobile communication sector.

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