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GEMINY Key Safes

Our GEMINY key safes are unique products in the field of mechanical key protection. They differ from its competitors particularly in terms of safety, reliability and ease of installation from. Convince yourself of the performance of GEMINY products.

Compact and elegant

The key safe is installed directly on site and can accommodate any type of cylinder key. The vault is protected by hardened steel case with maximum security against burglary. Discreet and at the same time appealing.

High benefits, low costs

The key safe is an easily usable product with low installation and maintenance costs. Quick and easy to implement for obvious savings in a short time.

Safe and easy

Your key is protected by the patented GEMINY locking technology. This gives you maximum protection against tampering and vandalism. When a key is lost the key safe can be easily recoded.

Mounting without customizing

The key safe is easy to mount on the wall in a few minutes. If it is no longer needed, it can be removed and used at another site.




The mechanical key vault protects the inside keys with the patented GEMINY double-pin technology and is very easy to open with the suitably coded key. After opening, the deposited key can be conveniently removed. To close, the slide is simply pushed back up.

GEMINY Card safe

GEMINY Card safe

Due to the high demand, we have decided to offer our customers a card vault in addition to the key vault. It is equipped with the same functions as the key vault. The card vault is available in three versions that differ by the size of the key pocket.

For questions about products, the ordering process or other concerns, please contact our customer service.

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